This game was made in 2 weeks for "My First Game Jam: Summer 2018".

It is an atmospheric, mini-platformer about a little kid looking for his blanky (named "Shiya").

The art and music made by me.

Voice acting by my 3.5 year old son (Hebrew).

CONTROLS:  Left/Right/Up arrows or A/D/W


Resources I have used:

Scripts: CharacterController2D by prime31

Fonts:  "Go Baaa Handwritten Comic" and "Instant Noodle"


Download 15 MB


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Hey MisterLemon!

This was cool. I like that the game wasn't over when you found the blanket and the level was nicely designed to take into account the new mechanic with blanky. 

Something that could do with some post-jam tweaking is the gliding part. Even if I didn't want to use blanky I had to which made small, quick jumps tedious (eg. climbing back up the rung things). Perhaps a ray cast downwards to detect if there's ground there and if there is, don't pull out blanky? I don't know, you could probably think of a more elegant solution than that haha

Anyway, I enjoyed this. Nice voice acting (especially the "oh come on!" haha) and peaceful music. Well done!

Hi Cam, 

Thank you very much for playing and also for commenting!

I am gald you liked my little game :)

Your  improvment suggestion regrading the blanket mechanisem is great. 

While I did not have enough time during the jam to actually solve all the little glitches, I might make a revised version later on, and this bit will be on my list for sure. 

Thanks again,


No worries! Like I said, I really enjoyed this one. :)


I have just uploaded a new version with the issue fixed. 

Using raycasting as you suggested was a great solution, thanks! 

That works a lot better! I got "Oh come on!" trigger several times though. The first time I played it I only noticed it once, when I fell. This time it triggered a few times as I made my back to the ladder thing. Could that be a result of the raycast? Maybe it was always there though and I just got lucky the first time.

Regardless, nicely done! :)

There are two areas that invoke the "oh come on", one under each moving paltform.

I am not what sure what caused the behaviour you are describing but I do not think the raycast is the reason.

Anyway, at this stage I am going to leave it be and move on to other stuff.

Thank you Cam!